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Visit our web site: fufukitchen.com http www.youtube.com Veronica's Kitchen Nigerian cuisine is known for its richness and variety. Many different spices, herbs and flavourings are used in conjunction with palm oil or groundnut oil to create deeply-flavoured sauces and soups often made very hot with chili peppers. (818)781-3015 / 15355 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406, Open 7 days a Week - 11:00am-11:00pm Appetizers Our appetizers are the most tasteful, rich and authentic of all Nigerian cuisine. They are often in the form of thick vegetables, legumes, aromatic spices and pepper, and garnishes of assorted meat or fish. Plantain Chips. Moderately ripened plantain sliced, fried and dehydrated to perfection. Chin-chin. Remarkably seasoned dough, diced and fried to perfection. Plantain Appropriately ripened plantain sliced and fried to perfection and steam baked.. served with a side of plain stew. Moi-Moi. Grounded black eye peas seasoned to perfection and steam baked.. served with a side of plain stew. Fufu A common method is to serve a mound of fufu along with a soup made from okra, fish (often dried), tomato, etc. Soups are often made with different kinds of meat and fish, fresh or smoked. The diner pinches off a small ball of fufu and makes an indentation with the thumb. This reservoir is then filled with soup, and the ball is eaten. In Nigeria, the ball is often not chewed but swallowed whole. Fufu Regular. Your choice of Fufu served with your choice of Egusi, Ogbono/Okra ...

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