Pizza Hut 西班牙Tapas Pizza

全新西班牙Tapas批,批邊有四款Tapas,分別以Cheddar及Mozzarella雙色芝士包著海蝦、八爪魚仔、鷄柳及煙肉;批面鋪滿西班牙肉腸、魷魚圈等特色餡料, 配上秘製紫蘇香草醬汁,給你啖啖不同的西班牙濃郁滋味!另有多款傳統西班牙小食及地道特飲,倍添味美,每一口都同樣Delicioso! Spanish Tapas Pizza its tapas-inspired crust of embedded shrimp, octopus, chicken and bacon slices intertwining Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, paired with Spanish-style toppings of sausage and calamari, plus basil sauce base, is definitely a specialty that Spain has to offer. Complete it with other Spanish themed appetizers and special drinks. Every mouthful is just delicioso!

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