☼ GreekFoodTv saganaki - Pan-Fried Cheese

Cheese saganaki in butter or olive oil is an irresistible classic greek meze and sauteed special tavern. Get to it, making it simple recipe for Diane. Be sure to serve a fresh Greek salad with this. Serve saganaki beginning of the meal as a meze, or appetizer. Squeeze lemon filled with antioxidants to combat obesity. ½ pounds Kefalotyri or hard cheese, yellow cheese, greek, feta cheese Halloumi and hot water and flour, pepper as needed to taste (optional) ¼Cup of olive oil or butter 2 slices of lemon for garnish 1 Cut the cheese into a square, about 4x4 inches (10x10 cm) and 1 to 1 ½ inches (3-4 cm) thick. 2 Dip the cheese in a bowl of warm water. 3 Dredge cheese in flour (seasoned with pepper, if desired) on both sides. Soak in hot water again. 4 Heat the olive oil or butter over medium heat until nearly smoking point and add the cheese. Flip to cook other side, too, until they are golden brown. 5 Serve hot with lemon wedges separately.Golf saganaki named for the pot in which they are made. Sagan is a round pan with two handles, which is produced in different materials. Looking at the market for a paella pan, a small cast iron skillet, or even a flat oval au gratin. Serve this as an appetizer as a starter or as part of a meal from a varied selection of mezethes. The key to the success of this recipe, the oil must be hot (before starting to smoke), before roasting. Saganaki (in greekσαγανάκι) (which means the flame ...

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