Easy, nutritious and Slimming Lunch Smoothie

If you left at home alone all day, eat smart for lunch, or make the food easier than you see? Here's a simple meal is correct - a Slimming Lunch Smoothie, you can have ready in less than 5 minutes - simple, slimming, satisfying, delicious, and little clean-up.

Blend in Blender:

6 oz of carrot juice (fresh, the bottles from the shop or at home Juiced)

1 / 2 cup fresh spinach, Swiss chard or 2 sheets

1 stalk celery, cut intoPeices

1 / 2, small apple, raw, chopped

2 1-oz balls micro-filtered whey powder

1 tsp. Extra virgin olive oil

Panels: 2 crackers spread with 1 teaspoon sesame. Peanuts, almonds, butter or cashews

Dessert: 2 slices of candied ginger, served with hot tea.

This meal will be followed not stimulate a rush of insulin is usually followed by famine, from snacks and off throughout the PM. Why is it good for the body of protein, someCarbohydrates, and a small amount of fat to keep you from starting the hunger, not nibble into temptation. The raw vegetables and fruits provide vitamins, minerals needed, and micronutrients. It 'easy, nutritious, satisfying, and delicious.

Lunch at home for many women is the least nutritious meal of the day - like a piece of bread with 2 slices of ham or cheese (or both), a Coke and a slice of cake or pie. Or it may just be pie or cake with a Coca-Cola. This isType of meal and stimulate insulin rush. In one or two hours you will be hungry again and you will be snacks throughout the afternoon, and will not always be slim! And fatigue sets quickly.

For more information on whey powder, please go to my resource box.

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