Advertising on the iPhone

Advertising has been taken into new unexplored levels ever since the introduction of smart phones. When mobile phone users were able to do every thing they want to do using their handheld mobile device, entrepreneurs started looking at the smart phones as a smart advertising option. Getting connected to the internet is a part of life for iPhone users and this provided a great opportunity for advertisers to market their products and services to needy consumers. Mobile users are always on the move, which opened new doors for location-based iPhone marketing.

Apps on iPhone provide easy access for consumers and easy tools for advertisers for entrepreneurs. 95% of iPhone users use the iPhone web browser and 9 out of 10 users admitted that their iPhone is better than any other handheld device. This led to various advertising opportunities on iPhone.

iPhone users can download useful applications and advertisers are allowed to publish their advertisements within those applications. If the app is for viewing videos, developers allow advertisers to include a video about their business which may run at the start of, or in between the application. Browser based text ads and image ads are displayed when iPhone users brows the internet.

Geo location triangulation used by Apple to find out the location of iPhone mobile users helps various application developers to develop applications that are beneficial for all the parties involved. These apps are quite useful for users and they became instantly popular. Developers were able to generate revenues with ads displayed in the app platform. For business owners, already existing apps provided an easy platform to display adverts. Soon, "appvertising", a new form of advertising using iPhone apps became a new marketing trend.

With the success of location based mobile marketing apps, more and more developers are interested in exploring the opportunities. Local businesses are ready to give away freebies to get customers to their stores. When an iPhone user walks on the street and uses a particular location-based app, he or she may recieve coupons or vouchers for free drinks and appetizers in bars a couple of blocks away. This kind of location based marketing is successful because 6% of viewers generated positive response.

FourSquare and Gowalla are popular iPhone apps that help users to explore more of their city. You may be visiting a new neighborhood and with these apps, you can instantly find information about restaurants and bars that suit your taste. By sharing this information with friends, you can get rewards which can be redeemed at local stores during checkout. Yawza and Cellfire are must have apps for shopaholics as these apps give mobile coupons for every possible store in the city.

DreamWalk has opened the gates much wider for location based advertising on iPhone. When users log into the app, they will find information about free offers, and giveaways available at nearby local stores. Advertisers are required to giveaway freebies without attaching any strings for DreamWalk users. Users can collect instant prizes or stamps that can be redeemed later. Mobile treasure hunting makes DreamWalk not only entertainment but also rewarding with the promise of free.

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