Southern Seafood Pizza - Can it Be That Easy to Make?

Southern Seafood Pizza

1 Can Pillsbury French Bread Loaf
1 LB. Snow Crab Legs (Steamed)
1/2 LB. Shrimp (Steamed)
4 Whole Baby Portabella Mushrooms (Sliced)
1 Jar Alfredo Sauce (about half the jar)
Flour All Purpose (just enough to dust your pan)
Cheese (1/2 Cup) Shredded Cheese (what ever you have)
Cheese Parmesan Cheese

This is how pizza is done down south. Well, this is how I did a pizza in the south. It all started with a can of Pillsbury French Bread sitting in my refrigerator. I was looking at it and knew I wanted to make something with it. So I headed down to the store, and looked to see what would jump out at me. Well the Snow crabs were on sale and so were the shrimp, so the stage was set. The Baby Portabella Mushrooms were on sale to, so I snagged a pack of them too and headed home.

The shrimp were already steamed, but the crab legs needed some attention, so I set things up to steam them and smothered them in Old Bay Seasonings before I steamed them. They were done in about 6 minutes and once they sat for about an other 3 minutes I tore into them and got all of the meat out of the shells. While the crab legs were cooking I set up a baking sheet, with a sheet of aluminum foil, but the key here is, I did it upside down. It is, for me anyways, easier to work the dough with the pan upside down. Also get you oven preheated to 350 degrees.

I sprinkled some of the flour on the pan and opened the can of dough and very carefully unrolled it. If you look closely, there is a seam, and you can unroll it so it is a flat piece of dough. I supposed you could just buy a ready made pizza crust and adjust your ingredient sizes to accommodate that size crust. None the less, I used the unrolled French Bread and I stuck the pan with the now flat dough in the oven for about 7 minutes.

After 7 minutes, I pulled the pan out and very carefully flipped the dough over. The bottom, which is now the top is a bit more cooked then the top, now bottom. This works out perfect. I took the crab meat, shrimp and mushrooms and generously placed them everywhere. When I had completed that, I took my jar of Alfredo sauce and poured it on top of everything else, being very careful to make certain I covered everything. I then shoved it back in the over for 6 more minutes.

After 6 more minutes, I pulled it out and proceeded to pour the shredded cheese all over the top, once again, making sure to cover as much as possible. I used a Mexican 4 cheese blend, because it is what I had, but any shredded cheese should work for this recipe. I then stuck it back in the oven and basically watched it from that point. Since all oven are not the same, rather then giving a time limit for the final step, I'll just say, keep an eye on it from this point. You just want the cheese to melt, but not burn. My oven took about 4 minutes for it to get the way I wanted it.

Get it back out, let it cool for about 5 minutes, top it with Parmesan cheese and hot sauce if you like it and have at it. You can cut it into 4 good size pieces. Good Eats and enjoy!

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