Waterless Cooking Demystified - Part 3 - Seven Advantages of Waterless Cooking

Did you know that cooking without water keeps the 98% minerals, while the cooking of food destroys the old way, with an average of 42% of the minerals in food? Did you know that it is easier to clean pots without water, because heat is distributed evenly so that it is not burning or attack? Did you know that cooked vegetables cooked without water on technology to keep its natural color better than using the traditional techniques of vegetables? ...

Yes, all the above is true! The waterlessCooking method has advantages for these 7 conventional food:

Simple cooking
Reduce cooking times
Easy cleaning
Reduced amount of fat and oil in the food --
The taste of food
Level of nutrition in the food after cooking left
Appearance food

Waterless cooking is simple and takes less time than conventional cooking. Since the specific heat cookware evenly distributed, there is less to burn or attack, which facilitate purification. And,Waterless cooking is healthier, because it eliminates the cooking of foods in their natural juices, the need for more oil or water leaching of nutrients.

Enjoy youthful Foods!

The search for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University suggests that we can to maximize the nutritional quality of diet will slow or prevent problems of age who are often unavoidable. The study recommends cooking food for a short time and in whatlittle water as possible. Cooking pots in our multi-layer keeps the 98% minerals, prepare dinner, while the old way destroyed, an average of 42% of the minerals in food.

Enjoy healthy and tasty meals

Have a wonderful new method of cooking with waterless multi-ply stainless steel / fat-free pots. Cooked without water technology to help maintain the largest share of health and natural minerals and vitamins, because the water is a foodNutrients are dissolved and then lost when food is cooked in water. The biggest favor you can do for your family is to prepare food that provides nourishment to the maximum. Cooked over low heat, at a minimum of moisture have more flavor. Fruits and vegetables retain appetizing colors, the meat can be roasted in the oven and tender, juicy and delicious. And you can cook without oil or grease, so calories and cholesterol.

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