Easy to follow safety tips for barbecue grill

Safety First!

Refrigerator, all meat and fish just bought. Place them in sealed containers or bags. The lowest possible place on the shelf, in case of leakage. Cook the meat in the shortest time possible, and after 2-3 days, frozen.

E 'ideal even at room temperature to cook, tend the heat of the grill in the middle of the road to penetrate without burning. However, be careful. Highly perishable meat, fish and seafood, meat or other thin, must be stored in refrigeratoruntil cooked. Never let the meat sit for too long out of the fridge 20-30 minutes is enough to bring the meat to room temperature.

Always thaw meat in the refrigerator in sealed package if he is dry or vacuum sealed portions. They are more juicy and more reliable results. It is not advisable to have a thaw thaw meat at room temperature, if it is not necessary as quickly under cold water. Meat can be refrozen if thawed in the refrigerator and it is cold orIce crystals. It is best, months before refreezing and use 2-3 before sealing.

Never use meat, marinades, sauces, meat in this Saturday, for other food, unless you cook for the first 3-4 minutes.

Rinse the fish and poultry well before cooking. Never use the same chopping meat, surface, plate or dish for other foods. Always wash your hands, work surfaces, cutting boards and utensils with hot soapy water after use.

Once the meat is cooked, do not let it sitat room temperature for a long time. Radicals immediately in the refrigerator.

Now we are ready to barbecue!

Tips for grilling

You can keep instead of two refractory bricks on both sides of the grill with the meat on a spit. Turn often wear gloves appropriately.

Be careful if you have a grill, smoke and steam that fast and can cause open wounds. Using the special grill gloves for working with the grill and prevent elements relating to burns.

RememberTurn your grill after use. To remove charcoal fire, closing the lid and fan. Do not remove the coals to cool completely.

Gas Grill Tips

If you are the first time in spring or summer, control equipment, pipes and gas lines.

After use, turn off both the burner and the gas!

When you go back on the grid, if you wait for gas at first, until the odor. Light with the top and the burner top. Wait 2-3 minutes, if it is not easybefore trying again. This allows the gas to dissipate.

NEVER use old, rusty propane tanks.

Many barbecue burns a combination of alcohol and barbecue. Be safe!

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