Some tips for the holidays Mixing Drinks

The holidays are here, and everyone wants to come to your house. I'll show you how to be prepared to make a variety of fun and festive holiday drinks to serve your guests.

Here are some tips to make your bar and find yourself in a fantastic bartender if it was once. This is what you need on hand to make this wonderful holiday drinks.

Remember mixed drinks is not hard to do. If you can follow a recipe, you can use a mixdrink.

Not everyone has a home bar installed in our homes. So if this list seems daunting, because you have a space problem, so keep these items (those that do not need refrigeration!) In a plastic box with a lid and store in a closet or garage until you have to draw for your holiday party.

Ships and Mobile Tools

- Measure Jigger - clearly marked with half and quarter ounce

- Chrome Jazzy Cocktail Shaker

- ExhibitionsSpoon

- Agitation glass rod or a long bar spoon

- Bar strainer

- Can opener

- Bottle

- Corkscrew

- Small sharp knife

- Mortar made of wood or confusing

- Ice bucket with tongs

- Lemon / lime squeezer

- Electric Mixer

- Small Bar Towels

Useful glass

- 3-4 oz long-stemmed cocktail glasses

- 8-12 oz highball or Collins glass

- 6 ounces ChampagneFlutes

- 4 oz Old-fashioned glass

- Glass 1 ounces pony or pousse cafe

- Punch cups and a cup

Fruit Supplements

- Red and green cherries

- Olives

- Lemons

- Limes

- Oranges


- Salt and Pepper Shakers

- Worcestershire sauce

- Tabasco or other hot sauce

- Sweet flavors

- Grenadine

- Maraschino Liqueur

Even if you already have aBarista Master, there are some tips for bartenders to keep on hand - especially when the holidays come.

For example, you know how to do one of the main components of a wide range of cocktails too? It's called simple syrup, and as the name suggests, it is very easy to do ahead of time.

Simply dissolve 1 pound of granulated sugar in 8 ounces of hot water. Completely dissolved while stirring an additional 8 liters of water until the sugar is. Then saveUse the syrup in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and, if necessary. How easy is it? Guess for this is called simple syrup!

With the holidays always seem just around the corner, here are some items you might want to have on hand - especially for the drink specials:

- Peppermint Candy Candy canes or

- A block of dark chocolate for grating

- Colored sugar for rimming glasses.

And here are some additional tips for bartenders whomight find useful:

- Cocktails are served cold. If possible, store your equipment in the freezer for a few hours before use.

- You have many ice cubes on hand. You need the ice in a shaker should be discarded if you mixed the drink. And always when the ice cool cocktail on the rocks ".

- It is a time-saver, but the drink seems to taste better when mixed individually - especially drinks like martinis and anything with carbon dioxide in the mixture. Use a clean, freshCocktail glass for everyone - even for the mines.

- Make sure you are getting choices when serving non-alcoholic beverages, and always encourage your guests to a responsible use of alcohol.

Enjoy the holidays!

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