Fish Soup - The Basics - so simple and so good to eat!

Fish soup has evolved for a long time and a simple fish soup most creative ideas with vegetables and meat of other animals. But no matter what you throw in your chowder, it's always good to know how to make a simple recipe for fish soup. From there you can use your imagination and Go Wild! The sky is the limit.

Here are the basic steps for preparing the soup beloved chowder. And like I said, you can change the soup base to fit your mood and the useThe ingredients you have on hand. Just follow these steps and add your choice of ingredients.

- Chop the onions and bacon into small, bite size pieces and fry in a pan.

- Mix or chicken, fish or vegetable stock with a little 'cream and crumbs or broken crackers to thicken the mixture.

- Cook the mixture for about 20 minutes and then add or steamed fish or seafood cooked, or both.

- Supplement Peel the potatoes and diceMixture.

- The hot soup until it reaches the desired temperature and used to be. If you choose to use, mussels, make sure that no more than cook the fish soup, as this is too tough and rubbery, the mussels to eat.

- Garnish the chowder with homemade parsley and pepper, cracked. Someone could add a few drops of Tabasco sauce for a spicy taste.

Add to a beautiful thick, crusty bread on the side and serve with small dinner salad, a complete meal - nowThey know how to make fish soup from a fundamental point of view. You can add the ingredients and special only to you.

A final suggestion for a soup chowder:

Soups and stews always seem better when they make one days before the taste. There is time to mix flavors and soft. Plus, in order to make your soup days before it is necessary that saves you time! All you have to do is out of the refrigerator, until recently little heat and serve hot. YourFriends and family will love the flavors and you will understand how warm the belly.

Have fun - it's a great thing for the winter and can fall.

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